Was it Soo Hard to StartUp !!

Ahh….am not talking about the business but something which was nagging me for a long time now and now after i have done it, this “Loooong time” is haunting me.

I am talking about setting up this Blog… :O which i planned to start somewhere in 2005, then gave it a serious thought in 2006, then gave it Very Serious thought in September of 2006(followed by few actions towards it) and which now in October of 2007 i am able to setup and start !!

While doing it i was asking myself a few questions which will provide you a good insight into my own psyche (i know nobody is interested !) …but still… ;)

But why i wanted to blog?

may be because I am an Observer, a Learner, an Entrepreneur, maybe a Mentor to people who don’t know very few things that i know (By chance).

so i want to voice my thoughts about the things which i am observing, happenings which are making me learn, ways i am carving out, solutions i am working on and blog was the best way to do that…(oh have i started explaining you the benefits of a blog…sorrry !!)

So what was the BIG DEAL in starting this blog??

Ans. Lack of time, i was running too busy (Read: Sheer Laziness and shifting the “Today’s Job to Tomorrow” attitude).

So what happened now? am i not busy or am i out of work?

Ans. Now i am learning to take out sometime for this (Read: learning to get rid of Laziness man !! ;) …dats it !! )

Hope to serve something better than the crappy stuff above here and thanx for reading this one too (if you have by any chance reached here reading!!)