A PC with Internet @ Rs. 4500 !! Dream-to-Reality

Yes it’s true…if you are SHOCKED..then too…it’s TRUE :)
and people behind this are our own MTNL guys (whom we generally keep cursing for something or the other) ..

MTNL in association with Chennai-based Novatium, is launching its Rs 4,500 PC, which will be there with an Internet connection for just a small monthly fee.

But how are they cutting the costs so low?? :O
That is where the Innovation lies…Computer to be called “netPC” will be a similar looking BOX which we call a PC but its a no-frills attached device that is not going to have a regular CPU or any storage hardware but it will be connected to a Centralized Local Server which is going to perform all the functions like Processing, data storage, running applications etc and will provide the Internet Access as well.

The best part is that according to Novatium the user will be free to choose between the Linux and windows as the operating systems..

now that’s what i call a Complete Package !!

so its going to be as simple as getting a Cable connection to your TV Set or a Broadband connection to your computer….and what i feel is that with this they can sell alott of other content based subscriptions to the netPC customers like Games, softwares, educational packages and even Cable TV connection (Why Not !!).

offer sounds greatt…so now lets see how good it turns out to be.

and yes….as of now netPC will be available to the MTNL Delhi and Mumbai customers only..so guyz Watch-out…