Do (NOT) Call !!

Did somebody mention “NOT” to them??

with the recent introduction of NDNC (National-Do-Not-Call) Registry the irritation levels of the mobile subscribers were supposed to go down drastically BUT my experience says its happenening the other way round.

As a victim of telemarketing companies i used to receive more than “20 calls” (just imagine !!) a day for things ranging from credit cards to personal loans to insurance etc..etc..  and on some days even more than 20. i started feeling like a Call Center employee (an in-bound one ;) ) whose job was to pick up the call, provide the calling ladies with the info they are asking for and try to solve their problems (read: help complete their targets).

yes , it happened to me on occassions when the sweet calling voices :P  asked me to add one more credit card to my wallet so that she will be able to compelete her target for this week.

Huh!!…finally the launch of NDNC was a relief (atleast i thought so..). but as per the current scene the things are getting worse. sample this convo:

Phone: Tringgg…Trinnngg !! (a gurgaon number)

Me: Hello?

Ms. X: Hello sir, i m calling on behalf of XYZ Bank and our bank is offering you a lifetime free credit card.

Me: [a bit Irritated] Thank you, i dont need it but tell me one thing HOW THE HELL YOU DARED TO CALL ME…dont you know about Do-Not-Call list??

Ms. X: [smiling..probably] yes sir i know and your number was not on NDNC..dats y i called !!!

and i was knocked out at the first question only….this really came as a surprise to me. Instead of this she could have told me DIRECTLY saying : “i called you because you are a fool who dint care to get registered on NDNC and we are going to harress all those people like you till they get their numbers registered”

suddenly she was sounding so wise and i was so Dumb & Stupid. so i kept the call at once and got my number registered with DNC for Hutch, but surprise was waiting for me the other day as well.

sample another convo the very next day:

Phone: Tringgg…Trinnngg !! (again a Gurgaon number)

Me: Hello?

Ms. X: Hello sir, i m calling on behalf of XYZ Bank (same bank) and our bank is offering you a lifetime free credit card.

Me: [Irritated like Helll..] HOW THE HELL YOU DARED TO CALL ME…I am already registered with NDNC Registry and i can screw you people for calling me like this. yestereday also i received a call from your bank….Grrr…Grrr…..

Ms. X: [smiling (again)....probably] yes sir, you might be on that list but your number has not been updated with the list yet and …dats y i called !!

Me: [furious] What the hell not updated…so that means you will keep bugging me like this till its not updated?????

Ms. X: Maybe Yes…[and...Disconnected]

She kept the phone and left me wondering

Has NDNC Registry given the telemarketeers a new excuse to bug mobile subscribers who have not registered??

Why is anybody (TRAI) not asking Tele-Marketing companies from where did they manage that database for calling ??

Shouldnt they be screwed for calling anyone only??

Let me have your views on it…..