Wanna work for a StartUp??…ahh….Dare-to-BeThere !!

This is one ‘opportunity‘ which ‘no-one‘(generally ;) ) is looking around for specially…reasons may be different, for example the reasons i come across are:

1. Job security in an established company.

2. Financial security (the kind of money you can get)

3. A better name associated with you in your career record.

4. Facilities, benefits..n blah blah n blahhh…

(i call this “List 1” so as to refer back easily.)

but the ones who have ever given it a thought, (both to work for a startup or start one themselves) ask them n they will tell you, its a Daring step…why..??…i tell you:

A Startup is where following things will never happen :-

nobody will ask you about your

a) Qualification

b) your lineup of degrees

c) your academic credentials

(lets say if they ask you…remember they dont bother much if its good or bad…bothways)


1. Skills are more important than theoretical knowledge

2. if knowledge is important then it better be practical

3. degrees ‘only’ don’t gaurantee points 1 & 2.

They (startup guys) won’t try to vow you with a fancy pay package or a cushy job, on the contrary they will be trying to vow you with the large amount of work you’ll be responsible for and at the same time expecting that you(prospective employee) are fascinated by it :) .

Because YOU will be the one responsible to create the elements of LIST1 (kindly refer back) ‘for you‘ and ‘for everyone else‘ in your team. Progress of any group/organization/team/company depends on its members/employees but when it comes to a startup it becomes more crucial as there are less resources to fall back.

But why work for a StartUp??

i can go on listing like 100 points on this one !! lets see few strong ones:

1. Freedom of doing your own things.

2. Freedom of creating-the-things as you think.

3. You tend to create new ways of doing things… instead ‘always’ following the old ones.

(if above points sound like a fancy kiddish perspective, have a look at some serious ones)

4. The kind of Exposure you get is valuable – as no where you will find departments restricting you of exploring a field which might interest you.

5. Better learning curve – as you will be doing the tasks which in bigger companies you’ll find to be divided amongst many people leaving you with a small part of it . so here that is what makes it challenging to work, if you think then in some way startup demand you to work as a one man army.

6. better appreciation, recognition for your effort.

7. Faster execution of ideas.

8. Open forum where everyone has his say.

9. Environment is cool, less rigid in terms of rules, or what we call a ‘Startup Culture’.

So is everyone welcome??

No, Beware of the bad aspects of the points listed above if you’re not:

  • Self-Motivated
  • Highly committed to your work/goal
  • having thirst to learn
  • work-o-hlic

and these are what i call prerequisites to even think about working for a startup or starting one yourselves.

Personally, in my early engineering days i always had this idea of starting something myself and i was sure that if in case am not able to do so then i am going to work with a startup company and that is what i used to advice my friends also ( for what i used to get mass rejection though ;) ) . its not that i have any apprehension working with a bigger company, rather the whole idea revolves around the “enterprising attitude” which demands your space to perform, which generally is not found in bigger organizations when you start as a fresher.

but if you have that opportunity of working with an established organization and having your space to innovate and create something new or better…do grab it…that is what “Intrapreneurship” is all about…around which my next post will be revolving.