Heyy its your wedding !!…Can i place an Advertisement on your Invite Card??? :P

Amazed ??? so was i while reading my todays copy of mint . yes this is something which is being asked by Bangalore based staffing services company TeamLease Services Pvt. Ltd. to anyone who is willing to get his wedding invitation card expenses funded ;) …..still not getting what is it all about? i tell u….

The whole idea is about ’sharing the space on wedding invite cards to advertise’. Though idea seems innovative but i still have my doubts on its acceptability….(well who’s gonna take such risk that too with his wedding card)….but they are not ME…

so as One of the bright minds at TeamLease came up with idea of placing the recruitment ads on wedding invites so as to reach mass audience…..they agreed to do a pilot and luckily got someone who was getting married and was ready to experiment with his invite card. so his card looked something like this:

Invitation Card

in lieu of this the company sponsored the invite card expenses and as mint reports..the experiment was pretty successful as it sounded to be….TeamLease got 40+ inquiries out of which 20+ people actually got placed.

So this what i call WIN-WIN-WIN situation…

Advertising company: happy- they got business

Wedding parties: Happy – invitation expenses FREE

Guests: Happy – Good fun..Good Food…Good Job !!

So Planning to get married…Contact TeamLease…Details in the pic above :D !!