It was lost, changed a few hands but its back now with daddy !!

I am talking about this domain, which i lost some 1.5 years back (somewhere near to date of my last post) and was somehow lucky to get back.

i dont know to how many people out there it may sound great but i am too excited on getting this domain back.

ohh common yaar, having a .COM of YOUR NAME has to be a cool thing ;) and then loosing it only to shift to tasted like arrrgghhh..

actually I lost this domain quite dramatically, all along the email i proudly used was (is) one day somebody told me the mails to this id were bouncing back and as soon as i checked, i realized the domain was gone!! why?  because the credit card i placed with the registrar for the auto renewal of domain was no more working and the email address for notifications was no more in use, so there was no way i was able know that domain has expired.

then as i checked who has bought this domain, to my shock it was some guy from Turkey. it all dint make sense, i mean why will a guy from turkey who i think might not be able to even make out the seperate words out of ashishtulsian will buy it. On asking him i got to know this guy was looking for high PageRank websites and as i was carrying a PR5, this guy bought ths domain to sell PR5 back links.

it was disgusting to see your domain going away & you cant really do anything about it, taking away your mail id n your blog with it.

anyways i asked charge me anything for this domain (actually anyting less than $50 :P :D ) but he refused and then i was left to till the guy realizes that the PR was due to my blogs and connections and will start falling eventually leaving the domian useless to him and thats what exactly happened after an year, voila !! he dint renew leaving me hopefull to get it back this time.

domain was with and after the owner dint renew they placed the domain in auctions before dropping it open but again this time in last 15 secs a guy from US bought it in $15 wherein i placed a $10 bid.

i was agin shattered but was curious to know why someone is again interested in n that too a firang, who again i doubt will be able to seperate out first name n last name from the domain. on checking out i gotta know this guy was a domianer and it was his business to buy domains and keep them. cutting the whole thing short, i wrote him a sweet mail asking (begging) for my domain and he said ok for some higher price obviously but still i was happy.

and dats how i got my domain back. thanks to Wilkof Seth for giving me back my domain !